Experts Need To Produce Files 3 Business Days BEFORE their deposition

As of January 1, 20expert file, ccp 2034.41517, a deponent who is served with a deposition notice or subpoena calling for electronically stored information to provide a means of gaining direct access to, or a translation into a reasonably usable form of, any information that is password protected or otherwise inaccessible. The bill would also require an expert who is served with a deposition notice, as specified, to produce any materials or category of materials, including any electronically stored information, no later than 3 business days before his or her deposition. (AB-2427) Continue reading

California Employees Cannot be forced into Foreign Courts by Employer

Far far away

California employees cannot be forced to litigate their employment claims far, far away.

Far Far Away

California has always been protective of its citizens.  However, with the ever increasing mobility of employees, some employers will insert a “choice of law” provision into employment contracts, either for convenience of the employer or for favorable (pro-employer) “forum shopping.”  Either way, as of January 1, 2017, California employees cannot be dragged into a foreign court quite so easily to litigate employment claims. Continue reading